Dynamic Mass DML Functionalities


A very interesting thing is that Salesforce provides the existing classes for performing Mass DML functionalities i.e. Mass Edit, Mass Delete, Mass Update etc. with the concrete SObject . That means you should be able to type cast your Sobaject in to Concrete SObject and then you can perform the Mass DML operations on the result.
We suggest you to instead of doing SObject hard coded you can implement the whole functionality dynamically.
Choose you Object and then choose for filter criteria for searching and then perform the various operation on searched results.Through the salesforce metadata api you can describe the selected SObject and get all the related fields.
your selected criteria then pass to the controller and searched result will be displayed on the UI.
Provide a select all check box and then pass the selected records to the controller and then controller will find out the object name through the key prefix of selcted records ids. and then you can use DML operations to perform any type of action on records.

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