Happy Women’s Day 2016


When we had our first woman employee in company, we were worried about “How she will be able to handle the work pressure, late night working, too much complex work along with the other responsibilities” and today we are proud to be a company with almost equal ratio of rockstar women employees.
You all are doing an amazing job and fexle is pleased to have you all. You all are playing key role in fexle’s success.

On this day, we thank you all for your great work, dedication and contribution in success.
Happy Women's Day

5 thoughts on “Happy Women’s Day 2016”

  1. This life has no existence without a strong ally in ‘Woman’ in every stage of life starting from motherhood to wife, from sister and finally a daughter. Happy Women’s Day!

  2. When the world was created, you were also created to beautify it. You have done your work perfectly for all the world is smiling for you today.

  3. Every Home, Every Heart, Every Feeling, Every Moment Of happiness is incomplete without you. Only you can complete this world.
    Go Rock and Make India Proud Simplyforce team.

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