Marketing Cloud

Need help in understanding your clients, or building relationships with your customers, we have got you covered. Along with that, we can also help you identify customer touch points, and keep a 360-degree view on the entire life cycle of a customer, customize their onboarding experience, thereby enhancing the brand visibility in the process.

We can assist you in knowing the customer’s intent and help you provide customized results in a reliable manner. Through keeping in touch with customers using email, social media, mobile, targeted ads, and customer data platform, you can report and pursue each step and the entire journey of them.

Irrespective of the customer that serve, we can help you consolidate data sources, customize each channel, check the performance of every campaign, keep an eye and interact on every stage of the relationship between your brand and the customer.

We hold expertise in examining the end-to-end marketing impact over digital channels and devices and help to plan and deliver evidence-based, customized experiences throughout the life cycle of the relationship with your customer.

With our competence in marketing automation and Salesforce, we can help you layout, test, and track the insights and focus on chief trends to help your business to flourish.

Why Us?

We are specialists in marketing cloud with a team of experts with experience of more than 3 years in marketing cloud. Moreover, we excel in-

  • Build personalized emails & dynamic content.
  • Configure a Triggered Send Definition.
  • Build and activate an entry-level (simple) Journey Builder Interaction.
  • Configure Contact Builder & Brand Builder.
  • Configure target data (lists, data extensions, Contact Builder).
  • Utilize scripting for use in Email personalization (AMPscript, Guide Template, Server-Side Javascript).
  • Define and execute email data interactions (import, data extracts, file transfers).
  • Configure an automation via Automation Studio.
  • Manage subscribers and profile centers.
  • Send a mobile push notification on mobile by mobile studio.
  • Configure account setup and administration (Business Units, roles, and permissions, profiles, Reply Mail Management, Users, subscriber filters, FTP).
  • Configure Social marketing by the social studio.