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Let me ask you a question here :).
When you are working in browser and if you need to find out any class/page/trigger/component/static resource, then how will you do that?

Let me tell you, how you will do it (Even I am also a advanced developerJ):

First Click -> Your Name
Second Click -> Setup
Third Click -> Develop
Forth Click -> Apex Classes

You are not finished yet.
Now use alphabetical sorting, view more, next page etc. links to find out the exact class. This becomes more irritating when org is very big. So on an average, you need to do at-least 6 clicks to find out a component.

It is really killing time when working on browser directly. So I started working on an application which can do all this in SINGLE CLICK:-O.
Yes, you read this correctly. You can do all this in a single click. App name isQuick Finder for Salesforce.
This application includes a home page component, which you just need to place on your sidebar.

and you are done. Now doesn’t matter on which page you are, if you can see sidebar, you can go to any component at any time.

Just click on the searched result and you will be navigated to appropriate component.
Isn’t it awesome? This app currently supports following component types:
1. Apex Class
2. Apex Page
3. Apex Trigger
4. Apex Component
5. Static Resource
Please install this from AppExchange. Here is the Installation link. Don’t forget to review this after installation.

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