Salesforce CPQ

We can assist you setup and configure Salesforce CPQ so that you can focus on determining prices, generating quotes, managing high-level configuration along with sales as per business requirements. This will help to deliver quotes on time, in turn increasing the sales process’ speed and efficiency and collaboration between departments in your company.

We can provide you with end-to-end assistance, right from the configuration of a service or a product to quote creation, pricing, and execution. Using the CPQ and guidance from our experts, you can overcome issues like low productivity and poor customer experience.

We can help you understand your clients and comprehend their business needs to provide them the right services and solutions. Sticking to your guidelines, we can customize quote templates that denote your brand, thereby reducing confusion and bringing more transparency into the pricing structure.

We ensure that the data transfer between your finance system and Salesforce CPQ is secure. Also, our experts perform end to end Salesforce CPQ testing including integration testing, workflow testing, and more to ensure the quality.

To speed up the onboarding procedure, we can help your team along with the regular updates on customization to make sure CPQ is secure and precise.

Why Us?

With more than 4 years of experience in Salesforce CPQ, we assist companies to get benefit from CPQ. Our other skills are:

  • Converting the business needs to solution designs for CPQ.
  • Providing custom solutions for complex cases
  • Product setup using Bundles, Features, Options, Option Constraints, Configuration Attributes, product inclusion OR exclusion using Product Rules.
  • QLE (Quote Line Editor) setup: Custom/Std. Product Filtering, auto-calculations, custom actions, layouts, Guided selling.
  • Setting up prices to provide real-time simulations using various pricing modules (Std. List Price, Block Price, Cost),
  • Use Discount, Schedule Discount, Uplifts using Price Rules or setup QCP (Quote Calculator Plugin) to understand the complex pricing methodology.
  • Quote Template and document generator setup using Quote Templates and Integrate with external E-signature tools such as DocuSign, SpringCM.
  • Setup Amendment Process
  • Configure Renewal Process (Manual and automated)
  • Setting up CPQ Approvals (CPQ Advanced Approvals package) to provide better management and approval feature using Approvals, Approval Rules, Approval Chains.