Fexle Services Pvt. Ltd. previously known as Simplyforce Technology Pvt Ltd. is one of the leading software consulting firms for SaaS services from last 6+ years and continue to grow. Fexle Services is providing cloud based solutions since 2013. Fexle Services is headquartered into Jaipur, Rajasthan, we also have international physical existence of our business in Texas, USA and Sales office in ILLINOIS, USA.

With the team of certified consultants, administrators and developers, Fexle Services is providing exceptional quality of work and a tremendous 100% client satisfaction. Our happy customers list includes some of fortune 500 companies.

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Fexle Services

Our Great Advantages

Fexle is fully focused on providing the cloud based solution since 2013. We have been deployed 200+ projects successfully yet.

  • 100% Agile approach.
  • Exceptional Quality.
  • Certified team.
  • Resources with 10+ years experienced in implementing the Salesforce.com solutions.
  • AppExchange products experts.
  • Experienced in different technologies.
Fexle Services
What We Can Offer For You

Start Up

We are expert in setting up the Salesforce.com solution in your org from scratch. We help in migrating your existing business in Salesforce ...

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If you are already using Salesforce and looking for Administration of your system, then you are on the absolutely correct site. We are provi...

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Setup your Marketing Automation. Grab more prospects from your website, campaigns and track each of their activity with one of the most inno...

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Sales Cloud Setup

If you are wondering how you can manage campaigns, leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities better way and track your prospect’s all infor...

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Service Cloud Setup

Customer satisfaction drives the business success. Our certified Service Cloud team with amazing experience and exceptional quality is one o...

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Every business sees to use such a platform on which they can develop applications beyond the limitation. One of the main advantage of Salesf...

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AppExchange Products

Do you have an idea and planning to convert it in real world? Let’s talk. Every business uses important applications available in market i...

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Integration is one of the prominent feature of the every web based IT technology. A typical Enterprise uses many applications. Don’t worry...

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Data Migration

Moving from existing System to Salesforce completely and want to bring your all data in? We are the right choice. We are having expert team ...

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Org Migration

Planning to migrate your complete org in different unrelated org? We are having rich experience in moving the complete information/metadata ...

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Lightning Development

Imagining your Salesforce instance with lightning speed without changing any existing customization? Using the Salesforce’s LDSF (Lightnin...

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Fexle Services

We Have Talented Team Members

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Customer Reviews

You are doing remarkable job of interpreting complex and sometimes conflicting needs, and produced some remarkable software.

-Solution Architect, Healthcare Company

You guys are doing very well. Very professional, reliable, very flexible in working around the shifts and the quality of work is very good.

-Director, Healthcare Company

Latest Blog

Don’t ruin your Dreamforce, be prepared
Fexle Services |

As an active Dreamforce attendee, I thought to share my this year experience with you all. The week-long experience at the Dreamforce in San Francisco is a memorable experience. Not only do you get an opportunity to meet visionary speakers and key business leaders but also it opens up a unique opportunity to interact with … Continue reading “Don’t ruin your Dreamforce, be prepared”

Quick Finder for Salesforce
Fexle Services |

We are here to make your life easy. Let me ask you a question here :).When you are working in browser and if you need to find out any class/page/trigger/component/static resource, then how will you do that? Let me tell you, how you will do it (Even I am also a advanced developerJ): First Click … Continue reading “Quick Finder for Salesforce”

Salesforce: Play Attachments on the same page
Fexle Services |

I came back again with a very interesting thing this time.These day I worked a lot with the attachments and realized that if we have any audio/video attachments in org then to see them first we need to download it on local machine and only then we can play with it.I wanted to build a … Continue reading “Salesforce: Play Attachments on the same page”

Salesforce applications with security : Stored XSS
Fexle Services |

Continuing to my previous post , this time I would to share the knowledge on Stored XSS part.So Stored XSS is cross site scripting where a attacker can inject his code on to the server pages permanently and these scripts run whenever some action made on the page. In other words :“Stored attacks are those … Continue reading “Salesforce applications with security : Stored XSS”

Queue not associated with this SObject type
Fexle Services |

Recently I experienced with a new exception , while I was creating a test class for one of mine functionality.I looked for the solution on community and other places but couldn’t find helpful.So I continued myself . here is the case what I was looking for:Create a lead whose owner should be a queue. I … Continue reading “Queue not associated with this SObject type”

Dynamic Mass DML Functionalities
Fexle Services |

A very interesting thing is that Salesforce provides the existing classes for performing Mass DML functionalities i.e. Mass Edit, Mass Delete, Mass Update etc. with the concrete SObject . That means you should be able to type cast your Sobaject in to Concrete SObject and then you can perform the Mass DML operations on the … Continue reading “Dynamic Mass DML Functionalities”

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